Antibody and Immunoassay Services, HKU
Antibody and Immunoassay Services, HKU

AIS provides professional customer services that range from protein expression, antibody production/purification, immunoassay development to sample analyses, which are performed by research scientists with long term experience in this field. AIS has provided the services to many academic institutes around the world.

Services list

Protein Expression
  ◈Gene Cloning
  ◈Plasmid Construction
  ◈Protein Expression
  ◈Protein Purification
Antibody Production/Purification
  ◈Peptide-Carrier Conjugation
  ◈Rabbit Polyclonal
  ◈Mouse Monoclonal
  ◈Affinity Columns Construction
  ◈IgG/A Affinity Purification
  ◈Anigen Affinity Purification
Immunoassay Development
  ◈Antibody Screen
  ◈Antibody-Biotin Conjugation
  ◈Antibody-HRP Conjugation
  ◈Optimization of ELISA Condition
Sample Analyses
  ◈Traditional Biomarkers
  ◈New Biomarkers
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